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Because of the cooler temperatures and the fact that the heater cannot keep up with keeping the pool heated to a comfortable temperature, the heater has been turned off and the pool will be officially closing at 10 PM Sunday September 11th. The pool committee has decided not to have a year end party also because of the cooler temperatures but will try to plan a social gathering later, possibly for Halloween. If you are interested in helping plan for a social gathering, please email Leann at EagleSpringsHOA@msn.com. Thank you!

Neighborhood Watch Program

Eagle Springs Neighborhood Watch Committee is in need of a Chairperson; if you are interested please email EalgeSpringsHOA@msn.com.

We also need someone from each block to be a block captain. Block Captains are the contact for the neighbors on their block to report when anything happens that needs attention from the Sherriff or looks suspicious in the neighborhood. If you are interested in being a block captain for your immediate vicinity, please email EagleSprings@msn.com to sign up.

Committee Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in being a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain for your immediate neighborhood area, please contact us.We are also looking for more volunteers to help with the following committees:Facilities Committee: 3 persons minimum. Check clubhouse after rentals and communicate with Management Company. Oversee cleaning done by cleaning company. Inventory and replace supplies; including chairs and tables.

Ready the pool area for season opening. Maintain pool area during season (spray down patio and furniture once a week, take garbage can to curb for trash day, keep lost and found tidy. Oversee tennis court sweeping/spraying off.

Hospitality/Social Committee: As many as we can get to help co-ordinate and gather volunteers to set up for meetings, welcome wagon activities, and community activities.


Expected Maintenance: All fences must be maintained in good condition and appearance. This includes replacing broken boards and posts as well as maintaining wood fences with stain. Older wood fences will likely require power washing to remove weathered or sprinkler marks from its appearance prior to staining.Stain colors: You may choose a natural wood color stain of your choice. The board utilized Sherwin Williams #3031 Cabin Brown in a solid stain. All color selections other than the pre-approved cabin brown need to have an ACC request submitted via email to EagleSpringsHOA@msn.com for review and approval by the ACC Committee.See adopted Fence Maintenance Resolution on HOA section under forms or CC&Rs; page of this website.

Architectural Review

Homeowners are reminded that an Architectural form must be completed and approved before any exterior changes or additions to a property can be started.


The CC&Rs; allow for a 30 day turn around time for approval. This committee is formed of volunteer residents and an on-site inspection prior to approval is generally necessary. Please do not submit your request and expect an answer within just a couple days, nor start your project until you have received approval.

The application form is available on the HOA page: HOA Forms and this along with all of the details pertaining to your project should be either be mailed to the ESHOA mailing address, emailed to EagleSpringsHOA@msn.com or contact Leann at 208-870-3094 to make arrangements to drop it off.


Any reports of CC&R; violation concerns should be sent in writing to Leann either by e-mail to: EagleSpringsHOA@msn.com or by mail to Eagle Springs HOA, 2976 E. State Street #120, PMB #431, Eagle, ID 83616. Choice One is working closely with the Board inspecting the subdivision on a regular basis and logging violation issues. Please be a good neighbor.

Vehicles/trailers/boats of any sort cannot be parked for more than 72 hours.

Keep your garbage cans, bags of yard debris and recycling bins stored in your garage or in an area that is screened from view from any angle except for night before and trash day.


The Association contracted with Summer Lawns again for 2011. A huge thank you goes out to all those volunteers who are assisting on the landscaping committee – this is one of our biggest projects and volunteers on the committee have spent a lot of time on all of our landscaping issues. Summer Lawns planted new trees to replace the trees removed last spring by Idaho Power.

The landscape committee presented the plan at the February Board meeting and it was approved unanimously by the Board. Eleven trees went out along Horseshoe Bend Road and five were placed into a common area and the island between Lariat and Sagecrest. The trees are flowering; crabapple (pink) and flowering pear (white).

The landscape committee presented all flowering crabapples but Juan at Summer Lawns suggested making a few the pear trees so the bloom colors were different. That was agreed to and so our new trees will have a color mix as well. The landscaping project at the entry signs on Big Springs is being reviewed by the Board. They hope to finalize that bid soon.

Spring is upon us so please remember to maintain your property’s landscaping in a way that meets or exceeds the following standards: removing and replacing dead trees/shrubs/etc. promptly; keeping lawns and bedding areas weed-free and trees and shrubs trimmed; mowing at least every 10 days; and watering regularly to maintain green grass.

Summer Lawns provides personal lawn care services and offers a discount to Eagle Springs residents. Contact them at 939-8469 for more information.

Trash Day

When leaving your trash cans and recycling bins out for collections, please make sure you park them IN THE STREET and not on the sidewalk. It is against code to block the sidewalks at anytime for any reason.

No Soliciting

Homeowners: if a solicitor appears at your door #1) do not ever let them into your home, and #2) always ask to see their required permit prior to conducting any kind of business with them.

Parking Issues

Homeowners, renters, and any visiting guests of Eagle Springs … please do not park in front on anyone’s mailbox at anytime!

The mail delivery person will not leave mail if there is a vehicle parked in front of the mailbox, which is a HUGE inconvenience to that particular homeowner! Please make sure to tell your visiting guests, too, and be a courteous neighbor!

Summer Lawns

SUMMER LAWNS OFFERS RESIDENTIAL SEVICES FOR HOMEOWNERS, TOO. Call them today to find out what additional services they offer at a discount for Eagle Springs homeowners: 939-8469

Clubhouse Reservations

The clubhouse calendar is being manually kept by Leann. Please email eaglespringshoa@msn.com for availability before you start planning your event.

Our community clubhouse is available to members for parties, gatherings, meetings, etc. There is no fee for members renting, but the Association requires a $50.00 cleaning deposit. Cleaning is done by the renter and once the inspection has been signed off by the designated Board member, the cleaning deposit is returned. Unfortunately, those members in violation of the CC&R;’s or whose HOA dues are not current will not be able to utilize this amenity.

The rental agreement is our community Web site under HOA Forms. If you do not have computer access, please call Leann at Choice One HOAs at (208) 870-3094. She will make arrangements for your access and hold your form and deposit until directed by a board member to return.


Cleaning is the responsibility of the renter and there is a check list posted in the clubhouse for you to follow.